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Ask a British Nail Blogger #1: My Nailcare Routine

Hello all! It seems like forever since I last wrote a post for this blog, and for the British Nail Bloggers group! I've been super busy with Uni work, but I promise in a few months I'll be all yours again! First off I just want to address an important issue. I've heard that Google will be removing GFC, basically to encourage people to use (the rubbish) Google+. This means I will lose ALL my followers! I'd love for you guys to continue reading my blog, and one of the best ways to do that is through Bloglovin' (Find the link in my sidebar). I read all my favourite blogs via Bloglovin, it has a handy toolbar icon that shows you how many unread posts you have! So if you want to continue reading my blog then please follow me through that!

So us British Nail Bloggers are starting a new feature, helping you all to get to know us better! Today's topic is my nailcare routine. I'll admit I'm relatively new to the Nail Blog world, and I'll admit up until about a month ago, I didn't really understand the importance of Nail Care. Let's just say I've seen the error of my ways, and here is what I tend to do:

Sunday's are my 'spa day' and as such I always give myself a full manicure. I start by using a Nail Block kind of like this one. It has a side for filing, a side for smoothing, a side for buffing, and a side for polishing. So I work my way through the sides until I am happy with the shape and the look of my nails. Then I take my Superdrug hand and nail cream and place a small blob on each of my nails. Taking a cuticle stick (or orange stick) I spread the cream all over the nail, giving it a few seconds. Then I carefully push my cuticles back with the orange stick on each of my nails. Finally massaging the rest of the cream into my nails and hands. Then I take my OPI Matte Nail Envy (review coming soon), and put two coats on each nail. Then I either leave them like that or paint them whatever colour I fancy.

Every other day I remove all nail polish and add a new coat of OPI Nail Envy. Sometimes I also shape a few of the nails that have rough edges, or have managed to break themselves.

So there you have it, that is my basic routine! I have been seriously busy recently and have barely found the time to take care of my nails let alone paint them, but I managed to find a spare hour yesterday and this is how they turned out:
 From Left to Right: Sally Hansen in Navy Baby, OPI Matte Nail Envy, 2 True Glitterati in Shade 3

Apologies that the lighting kind of ruined the colours here. I couldn't find a good place to take the photos, and the sun coming through my window this morning was extremely bright! So this is one coat of Shade 3 over two coats of Navy Baby. The pictures above really don't do this glitter justice, it's so shimmery and beautiful. In fact it reminds me of shimmery fish scales, like the ones in a book I had as a child, I can't remember for the life of me what is was called!

I hope you've enjoyed today's post. I'm hoping to bring you the odd post over the next few weeks but I'm pretty busy until May when all of my uni work is due to be handed in! Then I will have LOTS of time to bring you all the posts that I've been neglecting! Check out the other British Nail Blogger's answers below:


  1. Good luck with all our uni work, completely understandable why nail things take a bit of a back seat. Love the 2True polish as well, my superdrug is always out!

  2. The best way to get strong healthy nails isn't from the outside, but the inside. A healthy diet and lifestyle by far outdoes any chemicals and creams you put on your body.

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