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Hello my little rose petals!

My name is Alyssia and I am currently living in Aberystwyth as I am studying at University. I am in my third year of Film and Television studies, which I enjoy, but I'm not sure if it's what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm originally from Newbury in Berkshire, where life gets a little dull, but it's livable. I miss my family a lot when I'm at university as we are all very close. I'm addicted to American TV shows and all things Doctor Who. I loving baking, and gaming, and just generally messing around.

I've recently become addicted to Nail Polish, which is why I decided to create this blog. I've always enjoyed painting my nails, although admittedly I've never been particularly good at it. I guess I like the fact that by painting my nails I feel feminine. I'm no professional when it comes to polish, so expect mistakes, a lot of what I do will be trial and error, but that's ok!

Feel free to ask me questions over at my Tumblr, and if you like my blog then please follow it!

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