Friday, 25 January 2013

Lucky Dip Mani #1

Good evening my little rose petals! I am pleased to report that my broken nail has grown back enough for me to be able to wear false nails! Unfortunately my natural nails are a long way off of being ok, but this means I can get back into blogging!

Today I bring you yet another new feature for this blog! Lucky dip mani's! I got the idea from Lauren Luke a makeup guru on Youtube. She does a lucky dip makeup look so I thought why not do it with my nails! So here are the rules of my lucky dip:

  1. Pick a card showing a number (between 1-3), this is the minimum number of polishes that you must use in your look.
  2. Looking away from the polish box, blindly pick out the number of polishes shown on your card. 
  3. Once you have your first polishes you may dip to find extra polishes (you can only dip double the amount shown on the card originally) e.g. if the card shows 2, you can dip 4 times.
  4. When you are done lucky dipping you may choose out of all the polishes you have dipped. You must use the minimum number shown on your card for the look!
  5. You may use any technique to create the look.
Those rules actually make it sound a lot more complicated than it is... but anyway, here's what happened on my first go. My card showed a 2, so I decided to blindly pull 4 polishes, here is what I ended up with and they are also in the order I pulled them:

From left to right: Barry M Ruby Glitter, GOSH Gypsy Blue, Saffron White, Unknown Purple Shimmer

You can imagine my shock when the I saw the first two I pulled out. I thought there was no way that they were going to go together, which is why I decided to pull the extra two out and I was glad when I got the purple shimmer. This being my first attempt at a lucky dip I was pretty bummed that it didn't look like any of the polishes I'd picked would go together. But I swatched the Gypsy blue and the purple shimmer together and it looked like I might be rescued. I chose to attempt striping tape again, even though the last time I tried it the results were no less than disastrous! Here is what I came up with:

I am so happy with how these turned out. They took me a long time (almost 2 hours) but I am so happy with the results! I used the Gypsy blue as a base, and then put on the striping tape. Next I used two thin coats of the purple shimmer polish, and whilst the second coat was still wet I carefully removed the striping tape with tweezers. As you can see I even snuck a little bit of the Barry M Ruby Glitter onto the accent nail!  I'm not really sure it goes but I wanted to try and use as many of the polishes as I possibly could! Finally I sealed it all in with a top coat! Today's mani definitely took me out of my comfort zone, and I'm glad to be introducing it as a feature!

In fact I'd love to see some of my readers giving the lucky dip a go! Please email your name, pictures, blog name and a small description of how you created your mani to:! I would love to feature a couple everytime I do a lucky dip!

Let me know what you think!!


  1. I love this idea! Your mani looks great and so do your nails. I wanna play!! haha :)It's a great idea to get you using ploshes you may not have used in a while or wouldn't usually wear together.

    1. You should try it out! It's really fun! Send me the pics and I'll add them in my post :)

    2. If you do please email me the pics so I can put them in my next post <3

  2. I was doing something similar to this but I called it "nail polish suicide" like "karaoke suicide"? Lol but it had the same idea where I would randomly and blindly choose a color and wear it. I had to stop because I found myself cheating to wear the color I actually wanted to wear which completely defeated the purpose! This sounds more interesting, like forcing you to be more creative with how you choose to use the colors! Sorry for the long response! Great nails! :)

    1. haha It really makes me think outside the box, which is great when I can't think of how to do my nails :)

  3. Next weekend, I'm going to do my first lucky dip mani - a very exciting new games, brilliant idea:)


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