Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Guest Mani! Lucky Dip #2

Hey there my little rose petals. My nails are still in horrific condition and as such I am getting some of my lovely British Nail Bloggers to help me out and write a few posts for me! First up I have the lovely Emma of Em's Little Corner! I challenged her to take on my Lucky Dip mani, so let's see how she got on! To check out my original Lucky Dip mani, click here.

Hey everyone!  This is the first time I’ve ever done a guest post, so I was honored to be able to do this post for Alyssia.  

Today I’m doing a “Lucky Dip Mani” and followed the instructions in Alyssia’s previous post.  The number which came out for me was three, so I picked three polishes from my stash, one from each drawer of my helmer: at the moment I only need three drawers for polish.

The first three that came out were China Glaze Creative Fantasy, Boots No7 Totally Teal and Models Own Snowflake.  As I didn’t see much hope with this combination due to how many coats Creative Fantasy needs, I doubled up and dipped again.  The next polishes which came out were a-England Princess Tears,  Ozotic 526 and a W7 Mystery Polish which I got in a set from TK Maxx that doesn’t have a name.  I knew I had to use at least three, but managed to use all of them except the Ozotic.

I decided to do a skittlette mani, featuring a gradient using Princess Tears and the W7, a dotty nail using Totally Teal over Creative Fantasy, a plain nail of Totally Teal and layer Snowflake over Creative Fantasy for the final nail.

I was really happy with the gradient nails, I would never have considered pairing these two.  If I was choosing a purple and teal to combine I would probably have gone for brighter colours, but all in all it didn't come out too bad.

Thanks again to Alyssia for having me!

Wow I love the mani that you came up with Emma! So cute and the gradient turned out amazing! I'm kind of gutted you didn't find a use for the Ozotic polish, but mainly because it looks so stunning in the bottle! I love that you managed to use two colours that you wouldn't normally put together and turn them into something cute and wearable! Thanks so much for doing a post for me!

Be sure to check out Emma's blog here, and feel free to take on the Lucky Dip Mani yourself!

I promise I'll be back soon!


  1. Hello! I just found your blog! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Check it out here! Happy blogging!

  2. Interesting concept for nail posts and love what you did :D


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