Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Welcome to my nail blog!

I've been thinking about starting a nail blog for a little while now, mainly because I have a new found love for nail polish and all things nail art. I did make a few posts on my personal blog about Nail art and I'll be sure to rewrite them into this blog at some point. So what are my plans for this blog? I'm hoping to showcase my nail art designs, maybe do a few tutorials or swatch some polishes (when I can afford them). So if you are interested in any of those things then please follow my blog :)

I thought I'd start by doing a very boring/informative list of the polishes/tools that I currently own. I will be creating a page for this which you will be able to find here when it is finished. So here we go!



  • Ivory Lace
Barry M:
  • Blue Moon
  • Ruby Glitter
  • Croc Effects, Black
Collection (Formerly Collection 2000):
  • Fruit Loop
  • 225 (Collection 2000) This polish is really old and I have no idea what it's original name is but it's a metallic blue with purple shimmer in it.
  • Gypsy Blue
  • Special Nail Polish, Blue
  • Special Nail Polish, Red
  • Special Nail Polish, White
La Femme:
  • Glitter Polish, Mirage
  • Glitter Polish, Cosmos
  • Forever Strong Pro, Purple This is another polish that I can't find the original name of, It's kind of a grape purple with silver specks in it.
Miss Sporty:
  • Et Voila! French Manicure, White
  • Et Voila! French Manicure, Pink
  • Clubbing Colours, Blue Bath
  • Clubbing Colours, Popcorn
  • Clubbing Colours, Pop Fiction
  • Lasting Colours, Hypnotic Turquoise
  • Crack Me Up, Blue
  • Sparkle Top Coat, Clear I don't think their colour description is very good for this polish so I wanted to add that it has blue and silver glitters in it
MUA: Makeup Academy:
  • Shade 5 (Minty Green)
  • Bright Pink
  • Amaretto Crush 
  • Black
Pure Ice:
  • Free Spirit 
  • Blue Frost
  • 5 Dotting Tools (Various sizes)
  • 3 Striping Brushes (Different Lengths)
  • Wheel of Nail Pearls (Various Colours)
  • Wheel of Diamante's (Various Colours)
  • Konad Stamping Kit
  • Konad Plate m2
  • Konad Plate m3
  • Konad Plate m64
So that's what I currently have in my bag of tricks although I'm hoping to get my hands on some striping tape and foils fairly soon. I'll also be adding to my polish collection so keep checking that page!

Hope you enjoyed my (boring) first post and there are some more to come shortly!

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