Wednesday, 5 December 2012

12 Days Of Christmas Challenge Number 2! Inspired by a Christmas Song!

Hello my little rose petals a late post for you this evening!

I have bee a very busy bee today meaning I have only just managed to finish my nails for today!

Once again I am wearing false nails. Three of my nails broke off and I had to chop them all right down :( Luckily my new false nails had arrived so I didn't have to paint on my severely stubby nails!

Today is the second day of the 12 Days of Christmas challenge and the theme is 'Christmas Song'. Originally I did want to go with 'Merry Xmas' by Slade (seeing as my surname is Slade). However the only idea I could think of then was to write Merry Christmas on my nails and I thought that would be pretty boring. So I decided on Ruldolph the red nosed Reindeer! I based my look on this post by Coleyyyful! And here they are:

The cleanup looks a little bad as I had to put false nails on and the glue made the white polish cling a little more but overall I a really REALLY pleased with how these turned out! Here are the polishes I used:
From left to right: Saffron #21: Gold Shimmer, Saffron #25: Chocolate, Saffron #11: White, Saffron #29 Pillar-box Red, NYC: Black

I painted my nails with the white then used different sized dotting tools to paint on my little reindeer friends! Then I finished it off with a top coat to seal it in! I'm so pleased with how my blog is shaping up and I'm really enjoying this Christmas challenge, it's certainly getting me into the Christmas spirit!

Hope you enjoy them! What's your favourite Christmas song?

Check out what the others participating in the challenge came up with here:


  1. Cute little deers! See you day 3

    1. thanks. I can't wait! I'm loving this challenge!

  2. This is awesome!!! good job i want to give you the liebster award it is a good way to get to know other bloggers as well

    1. Oh my god! Thank you so much :') it means a lot that you like my blog :)

  3. Do you know how CUTE everybody thinks your nails are? LOL

  4. These are super cute love them :D


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