Wednesday, 19 December 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day 8: Christmas Ornaments!

Hello there my little rose petals!

Today is the 8th day in the Christmas challenge! I can't believe how quickly time is going!

Today's theme was ornaments! When I think of ornaments I immediately think of Baubles! They come in all different colours, some are shiny, some are glittery, and they seem to be on every single tree! So here's my manicure:

It's not my most favourite of all the manicures I have done but I absolutely LOVE the gold base colour that I used. It's NYC's Full Metal Jacket and I think it's so beautiful, in fact I can see myself using it in some of the remaining Christmas challenges! Then I used several different colour glitters to create the baubles, although my favourite is the green one in the middle, it's an indie polish that I got in a Grab Bag! I've worn it a good 6 times since I got it and I'm still thinking of mani's to put it into! I can't believe that there are only four challenges left! I've had such a good time doing all of these and I've really loved looking at the work that the others have been putting in too! I'm so glad I've joined such a lovely online community and that I've been welcomed, it definitely makes me feel as though starting my blog was a good idea!

Let me know what you think in the comments, and tell me what your favourite Christmas ornament is!


  1. I had the same general idea as you, but yours came out way better! I like the glittery dots on the gold, quite a bit. (And I'm totally buying that gold asap!)

  2. Oiii, tdo beem?
    adoreii seu blog, muiito lindo
    de verdade!!!
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    Desde já, Muiito Obrigado
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