Monday, 3 December 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 3: Yellow Nails!

Afternoon my little rose petals!
Just a quick post today hence why the polish doesn't look great! I wasn't going to post today as I've been busy filming all day but then I decided I'd do a quick one considering I'm doing 2 challenges at the moment and need to get through them! I did this in half an hour so apologies for it being a little messy :-)

Yellow is probably my least favourite colour so I decided to make it fun by putting Pikachu on my nails! I just copied photos that I found on google images and used a dotting tool to paint Pikachu! It's that easy! So here it is:

And here are the polishes I used:
From left to right: NYC: Black, Saffron #29: Pillar-box Red, Saffron #11: White, Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours: Popcorn, Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours: Blue Bath

Sorry for keeping it short and sweet but I'd rather have a short post then no post at all! Right I'm off to work now :(

Let me know what you think! And feel free to send me pictures of your yellow manicures!

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