Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Glimmer by Erica: Treasure Chest

Good afternoon my little rose petals! As you may or may not recall my nails are currently out of action due to a completely idiotic shaving accident, so my posts are going to be a little sparce over the next few weeks. However I have managed to come up with a sort of solution for now!

My housemate Jess asked me if I could paint her nails before we went out last Friday and I agreed on the condition that I could take photos for my blog. I let her loose on my polish collection and 'Treasure Chest' by Glimmer by Erica caught her eye and so We went with that. Here is how it looks:

I used two coats of Saffron #21 as a base for the glitter polish and then carefully applied 3 coats of the glitter. This polish has gold, blue and read glitters and it really does remind me of a treasure chest. I found myself becoming jealous that I could wear this polish myself. The Glimmer by Erica polishes certainly don't disappoint, I currently own 2 and I have swatch the other already, you can find that post here. One of the things I do find is that these polished are fairly hard to apply, but that's just because of the chunks of glitter. Perseverance with them however, can lead to amazing results such as those seen above! I'm also really jealous that my housemate has such lovely nails, I wish mine would behave themselves! 

I hope you've enjoyed this short swatch today! I'm gutted that I can't paint my nails more. I will be attempting to apply false ones later and if it works then I'll be able to post, but I don't have high hopes for them on top of my broken nail.

Make sure you check out the Glimmer by Erica Shop there are tonnes of sparkly polishes to choose from!

Until next time!

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