Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Try a Tutorial Tuesday! Cute Bow Nails!

Hello my little rose petals! Today I bring you YET ANOTHER new feature!

Today I received this wonderful book in the post:

This little beauty is created by Catherine Rodgers a.k.a TotallyCoolNails on Youtube! I had a quick flick through the book and I came up with the idea to try out a tutorial on Tuesdays! This is mainly to make me try new things, but also to give me ideas when I can't think of how to paint my nails! It won't be every Tuesday but I will try and do it as often as I can. 

Today's tutorial comes from page 58 of this book, and is entitled Cute Bow Nails! In the tutorial Catherine used Black and White polishes but I decided that I wanted something a little more subtle, so I chose blue. Here is how they turned out:

I really love these nails, they are cute and girly and definitely make me feel more feminine. I used my Saffron #11 and Collection 2000 BMX Bandit to create this look. I would have posted a picture of the page from the book, but I'm not sure how that would affect copyright law etc. This is also the first time I rounded my false nails instead of squaring them off, which made me feel even more feminine! Being a complete nail art novice there were some problems, my polish started to congeal making it harder to paint with, but I managed  to get around that.

This tutorial was really easy to follow and there are a tonne of tutorials in this book. I will definitely be using it again for this feature, but also I'll be looking at other tutorials such as videos from Youtube and picture tutorials from other bloggers. If there are any tutorials you want me to try out then please tweet me the link (@Alyssia_Rose), and I'll give them a go and let you know how easy they are!


  1. I'm glad I came across this post, I didn't even know this book existed but I've just ordered it to help improve my (somewhat lacking at the moment) Nail Art skills so thanks!
    The colours in this mani look really lovely together, very nicely done!

  2. Is that bow freehand? It's amazing :o Polish does tend to get rather gloopy, I tend to use a new blob every two nails or so :)

    1. Yeah the bow was freehand! Unfortunately the one on my thumbnail didn't look as pretty! Hence why it's hidden. haha :) Glad you like it though xx


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