Thursday, 10 January 2013

Nail Polish Storage

Hey there my little rose petals! Hope you are all enjoying the new year!

Today I am here to talk to you about how I store my polish. Ever since my obsession started in November I've been putting all the polish I bought in a box, all piled on top of each other. Every time I wanted to paint my nails I had to tip it all out to find the polish I wanted to use and put all the other ones back.

I asked my fellow bloggers how they store polish and most answered Ikea Helmer's. I'll admit I loved the idea, but not having an Ikea near me meant I had to have a rethink. As well as that I only have 116 polishes so I wouldn't even begin to fill my own Helmer just yet. So I've been looking everywhere for a pretty box to put my polishes in and TK Maxx had exactly what I was looking for!

Here is my beautiful box! I'm not sure of the exact dimensions but it's pretty big, but at £9.99 it was a steal! Admittedly it is only reinforced cardboard, but it's plenty strong enough as long as you don't just pick it up by the sides! So I spent the majority of this evening sorting out my polish and here is how it looks:

I'm using the piece of card through the middle to separate my tried's and untried's. Unfortunately my untried's are the larger side! You may also be able to see that on my tried's side I have placed a little dot of polish on a piece of paper and then sellotaped it onto the cap's so I can find the colour I need quickly. Admittedly it does look a bit messy, but it does the job I want it to do!

As you can see there are no tools in this box, this is simply Nail polish! This is where my other pieces are stored:

The Makeup bag on the left houses my hand creams, cuticle treatments, false nails, polish remover, cotton pads, and finally my base and top coats! The bag on the right is housing my nail art pens! The Bag with my nail art pens fits easily inside my box, whilst the other one just sits on top of it.

Finally I have this tin for all my extra nail art pieces. My stamping plates, dotting tools brushes, Nail files, Striping tape etc. This also sits on top of my Nail polish box.

If I'm honest this isn't the ideal solution for me, but seeing as my room at uni is fit to the bursting already it will have to do, and for someone with a relatively small collection it will do for now. I'm not excited about when I move home in May though, I will definitely have to get myself a Helmer then!

So if you are looking for a storage solution for a small collection then I hope that this helps you out!

Sidenote: I have a new blog signature with the perfect font for my blog! I am so gutted that I can't add custom fonts to blogger! Credit for the font is here.

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