Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sister Saturday! Flocking Powder!

Hello there again my little rose petals!

Today I have for you the next installment in the Sister Saturday series in my blog, and this week we are bringing you flocking powder (or Furry Nails). Firstly I need to announce the winner of the first Sister Saturday. The winner had twice the amount of votes and without further ado here is the winning Galaxy Nails Design:

I'm flattered to reveal that the winning design was in fact mine! If you want to see the other design or even find out how we made them then you should check out the original post here. So as it currently stands it's 1-0 to me!

Seeing as me and my sister are apart again now it's going to be much harder to take similar photos, and you'll easily be able to guess which manicure belongs to who, therefore we will tell you who made which mani, and then you can decide which you like more!

We decided upon the theme of flocking powder simply because we both bought some the other week when I was at home. I was surprised when I went into Superdrug to find that there was flocking powder in the MUA section, and not only that but it was on offer for only £2! So I called my sister in and we both decided on different colours.

Manicure #1: Alyssia's Manicure

Here's the flocking powder that I used:

When I saw the colour of my flocking powder, I realised that it reminded me of velvet, and for some reason velvet makes me automatically think of lace. So here is what I have come up with:

I used two coats of Saffron #35 as the base. Then I used a white stamping polish and Cheeky Plate CH23 to place this lace type pattern in the center of all my nails except my ring finger. Then I used a clear topcoat on my ring finger and then whilst it was still wet dipped it firmly into the flocking powder. I finished the look with a coat of Sally Hansen No Chip top coat on all of the lace nails.

I'm really proud of this manicure and these are also the first pictures that I have ever taken with my new DSLR! admittedly the quality could be better, I was struggling to hold the camera and shoot my hand, however when I get my tripod this will not be a problem!

Manicure #2: Letitia's Manicure

Here is the powder that Letitia bought:

And here is her manicure:

To create this look she started with two coats of Barry M Strawberry on all of the nails except the middle and ring fingers. Then using the same colour she painted one coat onto her ring finger, and then whilst wet dipped it into the flocking powder, pressing firmly to ensure that the nail was covered. Next she applied the Barry M Strawberry to her middle finger and whilst still wet she placed five white gems down the side of the nail.  She then finished the look with a coat of Barry M Topcoat on all of the nails, including the ring finger.

I love the simplicity of the design here and the fact that there isn't just one, but there are two embellishments! Good job Sis!

So those are the two manicures, as before please comment below voting for your favourite of the two manicures! Hope you like them!


  1. I love flocking powder! I think Letitia takes the vote from me because I like the delicateness of her colour choices :)

  2. Great work by both. I bought some of this today! I have to vote for the baby pink that is just too cute!


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